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Top 10 Ways to Look Professional

by Jimmy

Whether you are a recent college graduate just entering the workforce or an experienced worker trying to make a great first impression, you should look professional if you want to get ahead. Clients, bosses, and fellow colleagues will make snap decisions about how capable you seem to do your job by how you present yourself.


10. Good Hygiene

The first step to looking professional is having good hygiene. Don’t leave your house if you haven’t showered and you’re completely unkempt. Clean the grime from under your fingernails. Ladies, make sure to touch up a chipped manicure before heading out. Brush your hair, brush your teeth, and put on some deodorant.

9. Well Kept Hair

Invest in a proper haircut at a good salon. Your hair should flatter your face, not overshadow it. Style your hair with products that leave your hair looking healthy, not greasy. People with short hair should take it easy on the pomade and hair wax. If your hair looks wet, you’re wearing too much. Women with long hair should consider styling their hair in an up-do.

8. Clean Up Your Face

Your face should look clean and fresh. Men should either be clean shaven, or have their beard well groomed. Women should wear minimal makeup and keep to a neutral palate. Save the black eyeliner for nights on the town.

7. Dress Modestly

Unless you work at the local gentleman’s club, cover up if you want to look professional. Women should contain their cleavage, and keep skirt lengths to their knee. Men should always wear slacks. Shorts are not appropriate for a professional setting. If it is summer, a polo shirt is the only appropriate option for bearing skin.

6. Wear Neutral Colors

Keep your attire into a muted color wheel to look professional. People should notice you, not your clothes. Save loud prints and bright colors for the weekend. Your professional wardrobe should be full of pastels, and neutral tones in black, white, grey, and navy.

5. Iron Your Clothes

Your clothes should not only be clean and in good repair, but they should also be ironed. If you are too lazy to iron the wrinkles out of your clothes, anyone you come into contact with will think that you don’t pay attention to details. How you present yourself to the world has a direct correlation to the preconceived notions that people formulate about you.

3. Dress Shoes

No professional look is complete without a good pair of dress shoes. You should never consider wearing sneakers in a professional setting. Women can wear either flats or heels that match her outfit. If you choose to wear heels, you should keep them under four inches and also know how to walk in them confidently

2. Get an Adult Bag

You aren’t in school anymore. It is time to leave the backpack behind. Get an appropriately sized bag or briefcase that can easily carry your computer, files, and personal effects around.

1. Stand Up Straight

Slouching is a sure sign of a lack of confidence. Stand up straight to instantly give yourself a more confident appearance. Put your best face forward if you want to advance in life. Don’t miss out on that next big promotion because your boss can’t picture you working the part. If you don’t take yourself seriously, then no one else will.


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