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Top 10 Jobs in US

by Jimmy

The United States is the world’s largest economy. This means that the US is a land of opportunity and great wealth. Truly, it is easier to get a fulfilling job opportunity here than in most other countries. However, there is more satisfaction in certain jobs than in others even within the United States. Remuneration and popularity are the key factors to look at when trying to decide what kind of career you want to get into. Here are the top 10 jobs in US.

10. Clinical Nurse Specialist

Accelerated 2012 Class Clinicals on 7.21.11

This job carries a median pay of $86 500. It has a growth rate of over twenty-six percent each year. A clinical nurse specialist develops appropriate policies aimed at improving patient outcomes and increasing efficiency in service provision. Training in a nursing specialty at graduate level is necessary for you to get this job.

9. Biomedical Engineer


This job offers you a median pay of $87 000. It has a growth rate of around sixty-one percent. This high growth rate makes it one of the most popular jobs in the United States. The job involves the creation of medical devices such as bio-engineered skin, artificial organs and prosthetics to help those who suffer from severe physical impairments. A bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering is necessary for you to do this kind of work.

8. Software Developer


This job comes with a median pay of $88 700. It has a growth rate of about twenty-seven percent and it generally involves the creation of appropriate software that runs on our computers, applications, tablets and video games. A Software Developer also maintains computer systems, fixes bugs and reviews existing software technologies.

7. Clinical Research Associate


This job has a median pay of about $95 100. The growth rate for this kind of job is thirty-six percent. Clinical Research Associates determine the effectiveness of new drugs as compared to existing treatments.

6. IT Configuration Manager


The median pay for an IT Configuration Manager is $95 800. This job has a growth rate of about twenty-nine percent. An IT Configuration Manager controls the development of an organisation’s coding processes including changes to codes and documentation. 

5. Management Consultant


This job comes with a median pay of about $110 000 and a growth rate of about twenty-two percent. It requires a critical understanding of industry dynamics, challenges and opportunities. It also comes with a high level of flexibility and personal satisfaction.

4. Software Architect


The median pay for a Software Architect is $121 000. This type of job usually has a growth rate of about seventy-seven percent. The primary function of a Software Architect is to bridge the gap between an organisation’s technical staff and its management team.

3. Reservoir Engineer


This is a little known career that has a high median income of about $179 000. It has a growth rate of about seventeen percent. A reservoir engineer runs several computer models and performs highly specialized calculations just to figure out how to access gas and oil from the ground at a faster rate.

2. Petroleum Geologist


The median income for a petroleum geologist is $183 000. The growth rate for this kind of career is twenty-one percent. A petroleum geologist tries to figure out where oil companies can extract oil. This usually involves a lot of geological data manipulation and simulations but the pay is worth the effort.

1. General Surgeon


This is the highest paying job in the United States. It has a median income of about $288 000. It is also relatively popular among US citizens since it has a growth rate of about twenty-four percent. Being a general surgeon is a highly involving job that requires intense medical training. However, the personal satisfaction that this job brings to those who practice it in addition to its remuneration is worth all the effort.

These are the top 10 jobs in US. Analyze them carefully so that you can make a decision on which career path you should follow. Remember, you can easily get one of the 10 jobs in US highlighted above with some effort and a bit of hard work. You just need to put your mind to it.

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