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Top 10 Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

by Jimmy

Getting pregnant is the greatest joy for any couple since it marks another chapter in their life. Pregnancy has its share of joy and sadness. For some women, they crave for certain dishes dangerous for their health and the baby. However, one should make sure they eat good foods. Here is a list of the top 10 foods for pregnancy

10. Vegetables and fruits


A pregnant woman who wants to stay healthy should take five portions of vegetables and fruits daily. This can be taken in different forms like frozen, juices, dried or fresh. The best includes frozen and fresh fruits and vegetables that give a higher percentage of vitamins.

9. Protein foods


Protein is a good pregnancy food. To get the best, make sure you eat animal source proteins like fish chicken and lean meat. Include eggs in your diet. For the vegan women, they have to take quinoa that gives complete protein packages with amino acids. Include soya products and tofu. Other protein food includes nut butters, lentils and beans.

8. Bananas


This should be eaten during the first trimester. This helps to prevent nausea experienced by many women. It also acts as a vitamin source, potassium, vitamin C and fibre.

7. Essential fats


Although one should take fats, they should not go above the 30% mark of the calories taken daily. Taking huge fat components during pregnancy might results in the obesity of unborn kid. Take foods with monounsaturated fats like sesame oil, sunflower, olive or peanut oil.

6. Fiber foods


Women taking foods for pregnancy should consider fiber components. Take wholegrain meals like bread, pasta, fruit, vegetables and wild rice. Taking foods rich in fiber prevents constipation. In addition, taking fiber food prevents hemorrhoids that appear when the pregnancy is growing. Taking fibre foods prevents obesity that might lead to complications.

5. Calcium foods


Every day, pregnant women should make sure they are taking calcium rich foods. Make sure to consume dry foods that include cheese, yoghurt and milk that have a higher concentration of calcium. For the vegan mothers, they should take calcium fortified milk, soy or juice, soybeans, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, kale and collards.

4. Sea food


Sea foods provide protein and omega 3 fat acids. This helps to develop the baby. Oyster and tilapia has remained to be the best sea foods eaten during pregnancy.

3. Zinc rich foods


Pregnant moms need trace elements in their bodies. It helps in daily growth and redevelopment. It also helps in cell integrity and aiding other body functions like synthesis of protein and nuclei acid metabolic rates. Chicken, shrimps and dairy products give zinc traces in pregnant women. Others include onions, lentils and eggs.

2. Iron foods


Iron is important for pregnant women because it helps in the production of hemoglobin which helps in oxygen distribution. During pregnancy, women need twice the amount or iron for baby growth. Pregnancy food that helps in iron supplementing includes lean red meat, dried fruits, pasta and bean. Dark green vegetables and whole grain bread is also good.

1.Vitamin D food


Among the top 10 foods for pregnancy includes vitamin D that helps to absorb calcium. Make sure to eat fatty fish and milk.

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