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Top 10 Best Diet and Weight Loss Books on Amazon

by Jimmy

When trying to lose weight, you can get help from some books that contain invaluable information that can help you out in a great way. Plus, you also need to stop overeating as well. Below are reviews of the top 10 diet & weight loss books.

10. Paleo Diet For Beginners


This can be described as an essential quick start complete guide to help you get starters with your Paleo diet that can help you out with weight loss as well as vibrant health. It comes with a wide variety of delicious Paleo recipes that you are bound to enjoy.

9. The Complete Ketogenic Diet Guide For Beginners

Diet Guide for Beginners

This is a detailed guide that is written by Emma Rose helping people learn how to achieve fast weight loss, unstoppable energy and optimal health with a wide variety of interesting Ketogenic diet recipes. It is estimated to be about 49 pages and it also comes with free bonus.

8. Leptin Resistance Revealed


Sarah Banks the author of this book reveals the truth behind obesity and Leptin Hormone that may be hindering you from reaching your ideal weight and how you can overcome this in a bid to enjoy permanent weight loss without any complications.

7. 30 Simple Habits For Losing Belly Fat


Generally, this book written by Armin Bergmann points out the most effective tips for a person who wants to upgrade their health, strengthen body, improve appearance and enjoy better lifestyle.

6. 25 Simple Recipes to Lose Weight Feel Great & Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Written by Benjamin Wilson, this is a book that gives you a total of 25 recipes that can be used to prepare delicious and healthy meals that will help you out a great deal when it comes to weight loss.

5. Smoothie Recipe for weight loss


This is also found on the weight loss best seller books. This offers interested parties a 30 day delicious detox, cleanse as well as green smoothie diet. It is written by Troy Adashun and comes highly recommended from people who have used it before.

4. Slow Carb Recipes


This provides readers with simple weight loss recipes that can help them lose at least 20 pounds within one month (30 days). It is written by Ashir Nelson and here you also get to learn how to increase energy without necessarily engaging in exercise.

3. Raw Food Diet for Weight Loss Secrets


This offers readers easy and fast raw food recipes that are ideal for someone who wants to effortlessly lose weight. It is estimated to be at least 51 pages and it also helps to keep off cravings so that a person remains healthy and manages their ideal weight well.

2. Drink Yourself Thin


This is a detailed recipe guide that is a quick approach to achieving the ideal body weight. It is written by Armin Bergmann and here you will get all the help you need on how to drink yourself thin.

1.7 Day Smoothie Weight Loss Diet Plan


Written by Susan J Campbell this is a book that teaches readers who to make the perfect smoothies and how they can help one lose at least 2 pounds every week to maintain healthy weight for life.


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