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Top 10 Best Apple Products Reviews

by Jimmy
best apple products

Whether it’s a phone or a computer that you want to buy, you do not have to depend entirely on android or Samsung products. In the past few years, Apple has created some of the best selling products that changed the whole industry. Music, computers and even phones have been greatly affected as Apple has continued to grow in influence and size. Here are the top 10 best apple products.

1. Apple MacBook Pro Retina


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Regardless of how you feel, The MacBook has completely revolutionized the way people feel about computers or laptops. They are speedy, stable, and have an amazing display. Also, you can effortlessly run windows on them without any problem. Coming with some of the best software for getting work done, the MacBook is the best gadget that you can buy to replace that aging laptop.

2. Apple iPhone 6S

iphone 6s black

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Although this phone was not announced long time ago, it’s the same phone apart from the new 3D touch that is an interesting feature and a new Rose Gold option for those looking for a little color. While iPhones are expensive, if you know someone who really needs one, this is the most ideal phone to buy. This interesting phone will introduce them to larger displays that Androids users have enjoyed for many years

3. Apple iPad Air 2

ipad 2

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If you are looking for something larger that can also do more than just browsing and playing games, The Apple iPad Air 2 is a great tablet to buy. As compared to Android tablets that resemble large phones, this iPad has all sorts of features and utilities regardless of which version you choose to buy. Once you buy it, you will also enjoy using it because it’s super thin, light, and nice to carry around.

4. Apple Mac Mini

mac mini

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If you are on a tighter budget and looking for a more flexible gadget, then this Apple Mac Mini is everything that you need. It’s a small quiet box that has similar features to Apple Mac Pro but sits on a desk and allows you to use whatever, keyboard, monitor, or mouse you like. It’s the best especially for those who are looking for larger displays that the iMacs offer. When it comes to what they can do, these machines are really affordable.

5. Apple MacBook Air

mac book air

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Although it lacks a Retina Display, the MacBook is not only the ultimate when it comes to portable laptops but it also has a high resolution display. It works likes like some Ultrabooks and can run windows without any problems. It’s light, thin, and easily fits into a bag. Since it has a greater version, you do not have to worry about the size of the screen.

6. Apple iPad Mini 3

ipad mini 3

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For more casual users who need something portable, this iPad is a great option. It has a great Retina Display and yet it’s still more affordable as compared to other gadgets. It also comes with some kind of power under the hood. Coming with a variety of accessories, it’s a great option if you are buying an iPad for the first time or if you are looking for tools in this amazing hardware.

7. Apple iMac 21.5 –Inch


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If you just want an iMac then this 25.5-inch gadget is suitable for you. It not only comes with keyboard and mouse but it also has all the software that you need. While it does not have a DVD Drive, you can still use one through the many ports that it has. Tidy and neat, this nice iMac is not too big and is also very much affordable.

8. Apple iPad Pro

ipad pro

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If you are looking for epic power, then this iPad has it all. It’s actually a compromising version meant for personal computing. It not only comes with incredible power but is also makes any complex job work easy just like swiping, touching, or writing with a pencil. More so, it’s more versatile, capable, and portable than anything that came before it.

9. Apple iMac 5K

imac 5k

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This iMac is very expensive hence it’s not for everyday’s user. It’s actually meant for those who are looking to create something beautiful on their desks. If you have lots of cash and needs to get yourself something very special then this machine will definitely appeal to you. The good thing is that all that cash is not just for display but rather it runs well.

10. Apple iPhone 7

iphone 7 jet black

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If you are looking for a new iPhone, then this is the best phone to buy. If Apple could have launched it in place of the iPhone 6 last year, then it could have been the best phone. It comes with a slightly longer battery life, fast innards, a better camera and protection against water. Due to its water resistance chassis, it can survive plunges in water. In addition, its screen has changed in brightness and color. Overall, it’s double the internal capacity, it’s water resistant and has a good low light camera thereby making Saving money on the hottest new tech a lot easier.

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