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Top 10 Apple Certified Lightning USB Cable

by Jimmy

Apple’s phones and other products are nothing short of quality and all their accessories have to be perfect. A lightning cable is a multifunctional phone and computer accessory that is used for recharging and synchronizing data between devices. These are very essential travel accessories for people who use their phones often for business or entertainment. However the market is flooded with several such cables and not all of them will serve their purpose efficiently; they vary in quality and durability.

There is a number of Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cables recommended for use with Apple products. They have high durability, an efficient functional system and exceptional designs. Here are the Top 10 apple usb cables.

10. Amazon Basics Retractable Lightning to USB Cable


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You will never go wrong with this usb cable. It can be used to charge your device and synchronize data efficiently. With this device, your device’s safety is guaranteed. It follows the white theme of Apple which does not lose aesthetic value nor fade away. It is about two feet long with a portable and compact design. In addition, it has a multifunctional system that works with iPad, iPod and iPhone. It is very affordable and durable and comes with a 1 year warranty.

9. Luxtr Lightning to USB Cable


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This lightning cable is meant for use with most iPhone smartphones and iPad. It is gold themed which gives it an elegant look. It is 6.5 feet long hence very ideal for synchronizing data and recharging. This is a unique product since it is both cheap and durable and comes with a lifetime warranty. The cable is MFI braided making it resistant to wear and tear, has a tangle-free design and can be conveniently used.

8. Anker Lightning to USB Cable


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Anker brand is known for its power banks. The USB cable is plastic cased with braided wires which are stretch proof. The cable is 3 foot long which is ideal for charging and synchronizing data. It has a portal design and works with many smart devices. It comes with an 18 months warranty.

7. Xcords Lightning Cable


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Xcords Lightning Cable is a premium brand which has nylon braided cords which are more durable than plastic. They are equipped with high speed contacts to minimize interferences, perfectly designed 8-pin contacts that work with iPod, iPad and iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6s and 6s plus and a universal USB 2.0 technologies which works quite well. In addition, it has a portable and compact design.

6. iXCC Dual USB Lightning Cable


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This is a high speed 4.8-amp dual-USB cable. It is highly durable with an 8 pin contact that works with various Apple smart phones. It has a white themed, light and compact design which is good for travelling. It is resistant to stretching and bending and quite affordable. It comes with a 10 months replacement warranty.

5. iXCC Lightning Cable


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iXCC Lightning Cable is an extra-long cable measuring 10 feet. It has a white theme which does not lose its aesthetic value. It works with nearly all Apple devices and is light, portable and durable. It has a flexible design and charges devices fast. It comes with an 18 month warranty.

4. AmazonBasics Lightning to USB Cable


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This is a high quality usb cable with high durability. Its design is MFi-certified that synchronizes data fast and charges faster and efficiently than many other cables reviewed here. It works with several Apple products and its design is safety certified. However it is short.

3. iXCC Lightning 8pin to USB Charge and Sync Cable


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iXCC Lightning 8pin to USB Charge and Sync Cable is a black themed lightning cable measuring about 10 feet. It is safety certified and can be used for recharging and synchronizing data. Its charge speed is normal hence it maintains the battery quality and has a high quality cable that does not break even when bent. It comes with an 18 month warranty.

2. Satechi Flexible Lightning to USB Cable


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The Satechi Charging Lightning Cable connects perfectly with your iOS device and AC Adapter / USB port. The Satechi Flexible Charging Cable is an easy to use cable that you can take anywhere. Bendable and foldable, the Flexible Cable is perfectly portable and the perfect companion for charging your devices while traveling.

1. Amazon Basics Lightning to USB Cable


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Amazon Basics Lightning to USB Cable tops our Apple Certified Lightning USB Cables. It is a white themed six foot long cable that works fast and efficiently. It has safety certified designed that guarantees 99% safety of your device. It is highly durable and serves all functions perfectly. It is portable and can bend sharply without breaking or kinking.

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