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Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

by Jimmy

When you are travelling to a destination, you may need to get stay in a finest accommodation that can offer you with all the amenities needed for spending the time in the most delightful manner. You might have suffered staying in hotels that are not providing the basic amenities necessary for a customer. The information that is available on the most luxurious hotels ion the whole world can amaze you. This is the best thing that you can do is to find the finest hotel that can provide you with the requirements that you need in the budget affordable by you. These expensive hotels can provide you with firm bed with line that is soft and pillows that are fluffy. The room service that is available at these expensive hotels can be available to the customers are available for the customers every time of the day.

10. Park Hyatt Paris Vendome


This is a hotel that is located at Paris in France and this hotel charges about $14797 for a single night. The suites that are available in this hotel is about 200 square meters and they have all the required amenities available for making the customers pampered. The steam shower, massage table and the whirlpool bath are certain facilities inside the imperial suite that can amaze you. The customers are provided with giant bed and also a luxurious bathroom.

9. Four Seasons Hotel George V


This is another hotel that is located in the city of love Paris of France. This hotel charges an amount of $15277 for a single night. The royal suite that is provided by this hotel has 244 square meter in size and this is the hotel that is defined as the luxury inside city of light. The hotel suite has the tapestries and furniture that are available from the antique kind. There is a guest – powder room and also a steam room available in this hotel. This hotel is locates at the heart of Paris and near to Champs Elysees.

8. Le Richemond


This is the luxurious hotel that provides the services with $16680 as the charge for a single night. The room includes the parquet flooring and swimming pool. You can get exotic view of Alps and Geneva from the window of the hotel and also can help yourselves save from enemies with the help of the bulletproof windows.

7. Burj Al Arab


This is the hotel that is located in Dubai and charges about $17152 for a single night. This is a five star deluxe hotel but described as seven star. The hotel suite comes with various different benefit that can steal your heart and never possibly available in other hotels. The hotel is located in an island but the service that you get here is just awesome and it includes a private movie house, Rolls Royce along with Chauffeur and also a helicopter that can be made used with minimal cost.

6. Ritz Carlton


This is a hotel that is located at Moscow of Russia and charges $17355 for a single night. This hotel provides you with good view from your suite. The meals along with library and piano are the amenities that you get here. This hotel can provide you with amazing experience that can make the journey a splendid one.

5. Atlantis Resort Hotel


This is an amazing hotel that charges $23835 for a single night. This is a place where you have the provisio0n for meeting your butler and the staffs in the kitchen. This hotel is one among the favourites of Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan. You cannot find anything here that can make you dislike this awesome hotel.

4. President Wilson


This is the hotel that is located in Geneva of Switzerland and charges $31462 for every night. This is a hotel of 1200 square meters with four bedrooms and six bathrooms and they provide you accommodation and provision for organizing cocktail parties without security concerns. This is a perfect place that can be chosen by you for enjoying with your family or friends in a perfect manner.

3. Four Seasons


This is the hotel that is located in the place called Manhattan of New York that charges of about $32370 for a single night. This is the perfect place for you to enjoy and provides a person butler of yours. The same comfort of living in a luxurious villa is what you get by choosing this hotel. You can feel like being at home with your family or friends by making the choice of this awesome hotel.

2. Palms Casino


This is an amazing hotel that is located at Las Vegas of Nevada and charges $38070 for a single night. The bed available here is of rotating kind has a mirrored ceiling and you get the service of a personal chef here. It is an incredible hotel that provides you with more than any other hotel can provide you.

1. Grand Resort Lagonissi


This is the hotel that is located in Athens of Greece and charges $47527 for a single night. The royal villa of the hotel can amaze you. The sauna, heated pool and private beach are the various benefits available in this hotel. The facilities are immense as the cost is and you can really feel like being in the heaven on earth.

Choosing any of these amazing hotels can make you enjoy your vacation in the most amazing manner. The facility that you are getting from these kinds of hotels are really awesome and can make you enjoy your time. There is every possibility for making it comfortable for you and your family so that you can the vacation spent in a royal manner.

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