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Top 10 Men Actors in Hollywood

by Jimmy

It’s difficult to rank the top 10 men actors in Hollywood, since there are very many parameters considered in coming up with rankings. You can consider factors such as popularity, physical outlook, contribution, behavior or wealth. Here is a list of the Top 10 men actors in Hollywood using a combination of all these parameters.

10. Tom Hanks


He is a well established director, actor and producer renowned for the award winning roles he played in films like forest Gump, angels and demons and Sleepless in Seattle. He is also a star in several animated series such as the polar express.

9. Will Smith


This is a popular and respectable producer and actor who has made more than $100 million from his films. He has bagged very many awards as well as nomination for his films. He is the popular actor of bad boys and pursuit of happiness.

8. Tom Cruise


This is one of the richest and most dashing Hollywood actors who have survived the test of time. His ability to act in a number of roles has made him one of the finest film actors. He has so far received 3 golden globe awards and been nominated three times in Oscars. Some of his earliest hits were the 1983 risky business and the 1986 top gun.

7. Bradley Cooper


He is a US-born actor who started with TV series such as Alias. He has starred several Hollywood films including silver linings playbook and Limitless.

6. Robert Pattinson


He started modelling at the age of 12 and then pursued music, acting and film producing. He shot to popularity after starring Harry potter and earned popularity across the globe when he acted as Edward in the famous Twilight series.

5. David Jude Heyworth Law


He is popularly called Jude Law began his career in acting in London and Britain, where he was born. Among his polar films is Cold Mountain which gained him enormous popularity.

4. Mathew Paige Damon


He is Popularly referred as Matt Damon, he is a talented screenwriter, actor and producer. He is currently in the list of Hollywood’s most recognized celebrities, whose first hit film was the 1997’s Good will hunting.

3. William Bradley Pit


He is Popularly known as Brad Pitt, this man has starred top hit movies including money ball, fight club and 12 monkeys which have gained him world wide recognition. He is a US born actor who is very highly paid.

2. Johnny Christopher Depp


He is Popular for his movie series of Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp is a renown producer, actor and musician. He has also received two second best actor awards in golden globe awards. He plays extraordinary roles in his movies as an extraordinary man with big capabilities. He was also chosen for Guinness book of records 2012 as the Hollywood’s highest paid actor.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio


This is an American film actor as well as a movie producer who has so far been nominated about 8 times in the golden globe awards in the category of the best actor. He has also been nominated in other wards across America and UK. He started his film acting career in 1991 and has since earned many awards in different films and TV series including the popular Romeo and Juliet movie and the Titanic.




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