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Top 10 Early Warning Signs Of Cancer

by Jimmy

Cancer treatment is possible, particularly if discovered at the early stages and given the right medication. Cancer slowly and silently grows in the body tissues, unless when you know about the warning symptoms and signs to watch for them. Early sensing is very crucial in treatment of cancer. Here are the top 10 early warning signs of cancer, which could help you in sensing any indication of cancer. However, do not be scared, it does not prove that you have cancer. In case they persist, medical attention for clarification will be very important for your health.  

10. Tumors and lumps

Signs of thick body tissues or tumors may be as a result of cancer. Breast cancer, testis or lymph nodes regularly emerge as tumors which can be felt on the skin by touching with careful observation.

9. Pain 

Developed cancer is usually very painful. People who may have bone or testis cancer go through a lot of pain in early stages. The brain tumor causes headaches which do not heal. Cancer in ovary, colon or the rectum causes pain in the backbone.

8. Fatigue

As cancer develops, it wears out the patient. People who have leukemia, colon or stomach cancer are mostly affected by fatigue that never ends even if you get some proper rest in the early stages of the disease. The decreased blood content in the body due to cancer is the cause of this fatigue.

7. Persisting bruise or sore

A bruise that never heals or bleeds is one of the highly potential symptoms of cancer. It could be oral cancer in its early stages. Sores which could also indicate cancer may appear on the vagina or the penis. Important guidance should be given by a professional on these conditions.

6. Throat complications

Roughness in the throat, lack of breath, pain in chest and persisting cough for a period of 21 days should be tested. Any problem of swallowing may be a symptom of esophagus, stomach or pharynx.

5. Loss of weight and appetite

Heavy people always feel excited when they lose weight for no specific reason. Unluckily, this can be a symptom of cancer in the pancreas, lungs, stomach or the esophagus. This weight loss may be as a result of cancer.

4. Changes in skin

Changes in skin should be followed well very closely. These changes happen because of Melanoma and as a result of cancer from the other parts of the body. Darkening of the skin or over pigmentation, excessive or painful hair growth may be signs of cancer.

3. Change in your bowel habits

Digestive system complications may turn into unsafe cancer conditions when they don’t heal and persist for many days. Constipation, diarrhea, inability to empty your bowels, painful rectum, stomach aches which are persistent should be checked out or screened for health purposes.

2. Unusual discharge or bleeding

This condition can take place in both early and developed stages of cancer. Any kind of bleeding from a vagina when you are not in your monthly periods, rectum or from a nipple or presence of blood in urine or saliva, is a scaring condition. This should be checked out to disqualify speculations of cancer.

1. white spots or patches

White patches on the tongue or inside the mouth could be Leukoplakia, which is a prior indication of skin cancer condition caused by skin irritation; most likely due to consumption of gutka, tobacco chewing or due to smoking. If this condition is not treated at an early stage, it may grow up to full blown cancer.

As I sum up, it is very important for you to have proper screening if you have any sign or symptom from the above top 10 warning signs of cancer.

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