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Top 10 Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker Review – Buyer’s Guide

by Jimmy

For one reason or the other, you may require a fitness tracker. It is common to see many people using this device for a number of purposes ranging from sleeping, eating, showering as well as swimming and several other purposes. If you must do with fitness tracker, consider waterproof fitness trackers, because they are the best. When you use this type of tracker, you are going to derive a lot of benefits which include running, swimming, and other sporting activities. Moreover, when you are making your choice, opt for those that are sturdily built because they can serve you better.

There are different kinds of waterproof fitness trackers on the market and because of that, it may not be easy for many people, especially new buyers to make a choice. If you are one of those finding it hard to choose the best waterproof fitness tracker, the information provided below is going to help you because the best of such products on the market are reviewed here for you. This means that you are not going to find it hard to make that decision.

Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker Review

Product NameBrandRatingPrice
Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate and Fitness WristbandFitbit 4.4/5 Check Price
Fitbit Alta Fitness TrackerFitbit4.0/5 Check Price
Garmin vívofit 2 Activity TrackerGarmin4.0/5 Check Price
AOKII Heart Rate Monitor Wireless Fitness TrackerAOKII 4.2/5 Check Price
URBST Fitness TrackerURBST3.9/5 Check Price
Towabo Fitness Tracker WristbandTOWABO4.3/5 Check Price
Smart Watch LETSCOM Fitness Activity TrackerLETSCOM3.7/5 Check Price
Kassica Health Fitness TrackerKASSICA3.8/5 Check Price
Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness WatchFitbit4.1/5 Check Price
Fitbit Flex Wireless ActivityFitbit 3.7/5 Check Price

1. Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate and Fitness Wristband

Fitbit products are known for their superior products. One of the best products from the company is this waterproof fitness tracker. This tracker has lots of features that set it apart from several others on the market. It is one of the newest products and it can automatically track your calories as well as distance and calories burnt and so on. It does not contain any in built GPS, but you can easily get connected to your phones. It displays in readings in a tabular form.

The product has lots of features that set it apart and here are some of the great features
It can maximize your workout and you can achieve this using a specified heart zones rate such as peak, cardio, as well as fat burn and so on Furthermore, it can track your calorie, as you can determine the number of calories that are burnt all day.

You can see as well as call and text message and other notifications through its OLED. Most importantly, it can calculate for you how long you have slept and can wake you through vibrations.

With this device, you can have a better understanding of your fitness level, and you can learn how you can improve on your performance as well. You can use connected GPS during run mode and this helps you understand the real time stats like the distance and pace in the wrist.

This product makes it easy for you to track all your activities like calories burnt, steps, as well as distance you have covered.

  • Large display
  • It offers continuous heart rate monitoring
  • It tracks activities automatically
  • It provides support for interval training
  • The screen can be faint sometimes

This is a superior waterproof witness tracker. It is highly recommended because of the great features.

2. Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker Fitbit

If you observe this product for the first time, you would think that it not a Fitbit product because it does not look like similar products from the same company. It is different in design as it is slim, sleek and modular in design. You can change it to suit your attire.

The product can be sync automatically and wirelessly with several devices such as computers and apple operating systems, as well as Windows and android operating systems and it does this using Bluetooth technology. If you do not have Bluetooth technology, you can sync using USB devices.

Most importantly, this product is water resistant. You can wear this product and shower. The battery is durable because it can serve for five days. It is not advisable to use this product if you are pacemaker. It is not recommended that children below thirteen years of age should use this product. Before you use this device, consult your doctor.
It can be synched with different operating systems such as Windows products, Vista and Mac and apple products and presently with android. This is good because it can be used by anybody.

  • Slim design
  • It delivers accurate stats
  • It delivers alerts
  • It deliver smartphone notifications
  • Swappable brand
  • Some users have complained that it can be unresponsive sometimes

This is perhaps the slimmest and the sleekest tracker on the market today. It offers a lot in terms of features and functions.

3. Garmin vívofit 2 Activity Tracker

This is a smart product, and it can track your numerous activities and can equally set goals for you and in setting the goals, it has to be within your range. It does not set its goals in the same way with other brands out there. This is because it does not set its goals manually like others do, rather it does it automatically. This is good because it helps to achieve such goals gradually. This is good for both regular and occasional athletes, because they can set goals they attain gradually. The product is durable and it is water resistant.

The product has lots of features, which can help you to remain active and achieve your goals. It features a move bar. This can remind you when you can stay active for the day. It can equally send message to you reminding you of your status.

Furthermore, it can offer backlit display. This is meant to assist you not to miss any beat. You can always see the status even in the dark. Another feature is the activity timer. It records the progress you achieve in the various activities that you have undertaken to do. It can monitor those with and without a heart rate monitor.

It offers about one year and more battery life. This is good because, it can stay for such number of the period and you do not need to change your battery.

  • It has a durable battery life
  • It can record lots of activities
  • It conserves battery
  • No backlight making it difficult to read your status when there is low light.

This is a great product as can be seen from the great features, which stand it out among similar products on the market. It can be customized and offers a durable battery.

4. AOKII Heart Rate Monitor Wireless Fitness Tracker

If you want a great device that can monitor your heart rate at any time, then you can always opt for this great product. It can monitor your heart beat rate for every fifteen minutes. Moreover, the test data can be synchronized with any app. It can work with your apple phone but before you do that, you should reinstall the app and that means that you must be within the Bluetooth range of the phone before you can reinstall.

The product offers 0.91 inches OLED screen. You can see all the information displayed here. It contains such other things like TPU material waterproof 1P65, exclusive touch key. You can download the app and you have to that according to the instructions provided. This device is compatible with different operating systems such as apple powered device, android device as well as other superior operating systems.

Moreover, the device can act as a sleep monitor. It can track a lot of things for you such as how long you sleep, as well as how deeply you have been in that sleep. This is a tracker that can monitor your sleep quality, and help you to improve your lifestyle. Most importantly, it can be used for sports related activities such as steps taken, calories burnt, as well as distance covered and so on.

  • It can serve as a wristwatch
  • It can track your sleep
  • It can be used in sports
  • It monitors heart rate
  • You can get notifications as well.
  • It is bugged

In conclusion
This is a great product, it can be used for different purposes and it is durable. It is highly recommended.

5. URBST Fitness Tracker

This is perhaps the smartest activity tracker on the market today. It has lots of features that render it user friendly. For instance, the fitness tracker is quick and very easy to charge. Users liked the fact that it is low power consumption tracker. It is uses a durable battery of 70aAH rechargeable capacity. Before you begin to use it, you have to charge it fully and it does not take more than one hour before it becomes fully charged. If you are using this product for the first time, you must ensure that it is not out of battery.

It is designed for you to get updated data everyday but before you do that, you have to refresh the APP. It is not designed to save your data and that is why you must refresh it, and that is how it can save that data in your smartphone.

It is waterproofed and because of that, it can be immersed in water and it can last there for at least thirty minutes at one time. You can use it in water freely without fear, because it is waterproof IP67 rated smart bracelet.
To install APP H band, you can download it from the internet and from Apple App store of Google play to be specific.

  • It offers excellent value for your money
  • It can offer readings even without being connected to your smartphone
  • The smartphone app records history and allow you to observe the trends
  • Provides more accurate readings
  • Sturdily built and easy to wear
  • Its displays are not readable in sunlight

6. Towabo Fitness Tracker Wristband

This is another great waterproof fitness tracker and it has lots of features that set it apart from several other brands on the market. It is easy and simple to set it up and even to wear. It does a lot of things for you such as monitoring your heart beat rates, steps you have walked, calories you have burnt as well as the distance covered and time taken and several other things.

The charging is simple as you can charge it using the USB socket and this does not take more than one hour to be concluded. Moreover, it is easy and simple to sync with any phone and this is possible through Bluetooth. Its software is free to use because you are not required to pay anything before you begin to download and use it. The software is available in different versions, which include the apple and android versions.

The screen is clear enough for you to read the display and you can even rotate the screen to have a better view of the display.

This product has lots of TOWABO compatibility features which include vibrating alert. There is going to be vibrating alert when you get support message, call as well as SMS, Facebook, Wechat and twitter messages and so on. It is going to display the icon as well as a short message and a contact name and the phone number.

  • Vibrating alert to notify you
  • Displays lots of information such as calories burnt and balance diet
  • Counts steps daily and help set daily goals for yourself
  • Many people complained that the price is high even though it does not sell above fifty dollars.

This is another great waterproof fitness tracker. It has great features that can help you to achieve your daily targets.

7. Smart Watch LETSCOM Fitness Activity Tracker

This tracker has many features and the aim is to help you attain your desired fitness levels. It is known for its multi functions and these functions include sleep tracker, pedometer, step counting, calories burnt, sleep quality monitoring as well as sync time and date. It equally monitors heart rate. It makes provisions for such controls as remote camera control, music control, anti lost an alert, health fitness as well as sedentary alert and find the phone and so on.

This product is regarded as high-end heart rate monitor. This is because it uses the newest HR sensor that is Kionix Kx022-1020 and this makes for more accurate, reliable, and effective monitoring. This offers twenty-four hours heart rate monitoring and it displays the chats as well. It can offer you an insight into your fitness level and you can share this with your friends if you desire.

It is neatly designed and very comfortable to use. The functions are easy to control and you can do this simply by sliding and tapping. Another important feature you can observe here includes the OLED touch screen. It is designed to toggle and this makes it possible for the users to view messages, calories, as well as steps. Furthermore, it features an upgraded battery version and because of this, you discover that the battery is easy to charge and it can be charged using USB cable. The battery is composed of superior quality polymer rechargeable battery. The battery life is up to seven to ten days.

  • It has a nice and minimal design
  • Its SMS notification is always handy
  • It offers direct USB charging system
  • Find phone and phone anti lost
  • Swipe screen display and so on
  • The instruction manual print is too tiny

If you are looking for the most modern fitness tracker on the market, you have to opt for this great product. It is highly recommended.

8. Kassica Health Fitness Tracker

This is another affordable health fitness tracker. It is programmed to do a lot of things which can help to transform your health in different ways and they are as follows: it can measure blood pressure and this is possible for the Double Green light sensor. Furthermore, it is meant to monitor your physical condition. Because of this, you can easily determine your index through your heart rate and blood pressure.

Apart from these health functions, there are other important functions. These other functions which this tracker can provide include vibration reminder, blood pressure, heart rate monitor, task alert, steps counter, incoming calls reminder, steps counter, pedometer, time, calorie burning monitor, sleep monitor, walk distance tracker, as well as sport time and several others.

Other functions it can perform include OLED display. It features OLED touch screen and it uses a powerful battery 80mAh Polymer lithium battery, long standby time.

It features a very colorful watchbands and there are at least six colors and you can make your choice. The watchband is produced using a superior quality silicone material. This makes it possible for you to wear it comfortably.
Most importantly, it offers support and it is compatible with different operating systems such as Apple products as well as android products and so on.

  • This is a multi function tracker
  • It can check lots of things such as calories, heart rate as well as distance
  • It does not monitor BP

In all, this is another superior waterproof fitness tracker that you can lay your hands on the market today. It is highly recommended.

9. Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

This is a great product from Fitbit. This product is widely regarded as the smartest fitness watch on the market today. It is easy and simple to use because it can connect wirelessly and automatically. It can connect to more than two hundred android, apple and Windows devices and it connects through Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology.

To sync the system with your computer it would work with an internet connection and it requires USB port as well. The synch range is put at twenty feet.
Perhaps the greatest thing that you are going to like about this product is the water resistance feature. It can withstand water splash but, it cannot be used for swimming. If you want to shower, it is advisable for you to take it off. The battery life is such that can last for five days.

This product is not compatible with some implanted medical devices, because of that if you use a pacemaker and other internal devices, it is recommended that you stay away from it. This device is not good for those under thirteen years of age. If you want, your product to be continuously tracking, then you should charge it often.

  • It features a large screen
  • It is easy to read its display
  • It delivers accurate heart rate reading and does not require chest strap
  • It can track lots of things such as sleep, steps, workouts as well as heart rates.
  • Because of the design, it may not be appealing to the eyes.

In conclusion, this is a superior product as you can see from the great features. It is highly recommended.

10. Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity

This is a superior tracker from Fitbit. The body is composed of rubber materials. It is designed to sync wirelessly and automatically with various operating systems and devices including your tablets and computers. Most importantly, it can connect with various Windows, Android, as well as apple phones, and it does this connection through its Bluetooth wireless technology. If you want to sync with your computer, then it can be possible with an internet connection.

It can track a lot of things for you such as calories burnt, distance covered, tracks steps and several other functions it can perform. It is designed and this makes it very comfortable to wear.

  • It is easy and simple to use
  • It can track different things for you
  • It is accurate and reliable
  • Many users found the product very useful.

In conclusion, this is one of the best waterproof fitness tracker, and it is highly recommended.

Final Thought
You have seen the best waterproof fitness trackers. These remain the best and the most affordable trackers on the market. Even if you were a novice looking for this type of product, the information provided is going to help you. For any of the products that you decide to buy, you will get value for your money and that is why they are all recommended.

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